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Heart Chakra Full Moon Bowl (Note D)

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Full moon bowls are made exclusively during the nights of the full moon, with the finest metals and by the most skilled artisans. It may take more than one month to complete a full moon bowl. Full moon bowls have rich sound and long lasting resonance. Full moon bowls bear a special round symbol seen in the photograph. They are a joy to play, as well as to listen to. Our Full Moon Bowls are hand selected by our Singing Bowl Curator in Nepal to ensure theat they are geniune Nepali made Full Moon Singing Bowls. Unfortunately, there are some counterfeit bowls being sold as Full Moon Bowls, with fake emblems on them. It measures approximately 5 15/16 inches wide and 2 15/16 inches high. This bowl comes with a ring cushion and a leather and wood playing stick. Indigo Sanctuary matches every playing stick shipped with each bowl to assure you a reward playing experience. This bowl comes with a playing stick and cushion.