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Copper & Brass Dhoop Dani Burner

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A copper and brass Dhoop Dani (hanging incense burner), with a decorative lid and 3 chains and a hook for hanging. Each chain is attached to an image of the deity Chhepu.The bottom of the burner has three brass emblems of the Poorna Kalash (Water Vase), an auspicious symbol. Chhepu, who holds the chains, is known for his bravery and truthfullness, and in Nepal statues of Chhepu are commonly placed over doorways for protection against evil spirits. The top piece features an embossed peacock feather design and brass Surya (Sun) design. The burner has numerous holes for the flow of air and incense smoke, which create peaceful whisps of scented smoke towards the heavens. This burner is perfect for cone incense.