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Commitment & Impact

Ethical Sourcing 
We believe in doing the right thing for each other and our planet. We work hand in hand with partner curators, artisans, and trusted suppliers to source, commission, and provide the finest quality products at fair prices. 

Equity Profit Sharing
We value the contributions of our partners and curators, who advise in both the cultural significance and traditional background of our products. In gratitude, a portion of all proceeds are given back to the curators themselves.

Educational Scholarship
We believe supporting education, specifically in girls, is an investment for everyone's future. Each year, a portion of proceeds are used to create renewable educational scholarships for deserving girls. 

Our partners each selected a deserving girl in Bhaktapur, Nepal as recipients:

Pabrita, 9
Pabrita is attending the Bagiswori Secondary School

Prishu, 4
Prishnu is attending the Proxima English Secondary School

Environmentalism & Sustainability
Planet Earth is the most important sanctuary, we believe in defending her by supporting environmental causes. In addition to using eco-friendly materials for our packaging, a portion of our proceeds is donated annually to the Clean Water Fund