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The Seven Chakras

The Seven Chakras

You will often see a colorful diagram showing the chakras and their rainbow-like colors. These colors are very often used during chakra meditations, visualizations, and yoga.

Colors have rich, vibrant and healing energies, which affect us psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.

Interestingly, the color of a stone is not always determinative of the chakra it corresponds to. For example, rose quartz is a heart chakra stone, but it isn’t green, the color of the heart chakra. 


Root Chakra

Sanskrit name: Muladhara
Meaning of sanskrit name: Root
Location on body: Base of the spine, perineum, coccygeal plexus
Element: Earth
Function: Grounding, survival
Gland: Adrenals
Color: Red 
Planet: Saturn and Earth
Gemstones (a partial listing): Banded onyx,black kyanite, red jasper, red river jasper, rhodonite, black obsidian, ocean granite, and snowflake obsidian.
Metal: lead
Hindu Deities: Brahma, Dkinini, Ganesha, Kubera, Uma, Lakshmi, Prisni

Sacral Chakra
Sanskrit name: Svadhisthana
Meaning of sanskrit name: Sweetness
Location on body: Sacrum, genital region, lower abdomen
Element: Water
Function: Sexuality, procreation and emotions
Glands: Ovaries and testicles
Color: Orange
Planet: Moon
Gemstones (a partial listing): Ocean granite and peach moonstone
Metal: Tin
Hindu Deities: Indra, Varuna, Vishnu, Rakini

Solar Plexus Chakra
Sanskrit name: Manipura
Meaning of sanskrit name: lustrous gem
Location on body: navel to base of sternum
Element: Fire
Function: Will power, assertiveness
Glands: Pancreas, adrenals
Color: Yellow
Planet: Mars, also the Sun
Gemstones (a partial listing): Banded onyx, red jasper, rhodochrosite, tigers eye, and thulite.
Metal: Iron
Hindu Deities: Agni, Surya, Apis, Ra

Heart Chakra
Sanskrit name: Anahata
Meaning of sanskrit name: unstruck, or infinite and continuous
Location on body: Heart
Element: Air
Function: Love
Glands: Thymus
Color: Green
Planet: Venus
Gemstones (a partial listing): Lepidolite, gel lithium silica, rhodonite, rhodochrosite and thulite
Metal: Copper
Hindu Deities: Vishnu, Lakshmi, Krishna, Isvara, Kama, Vayu, Aditi, Urvasi

Throat Chakra
Sanskrit name: Visuddha
Meaning of sanskrit name: Purification
Location on body: Throat
Element: Sound
Function: Communication
Glands: Thyroid, parathyroid
Color: Bright Blue
Planet: Mercury
Gemstones (a partial listing): Blue kyanite, lapis lazuli and thulite
Metal: Mercury
Hindu Deities: Ganga, Sarasvati

Third Eye Chakra
Sanskrit name: Ajna
Meaning of sanskrit name: To perceive or command
Location on body: Center of head, between the eyebrows
Element: Light
Function: Seeing, intuition, and clairvoyance
Glands: Pineal
Color: Indigo
Planet: Jupiter and Neptune
Gemstones (a partial listing): Lepidolite, lapis lazuli and sodalite
Metal: Silver
Hindu Deities: Shanti, Hakini, Paramasiva, Krishna

Crown Chakra
Sanskrit name: Sahasrara
Meaning of sanskrit name: Thousandfold
Location on body: Top of Head
Element: Thought
Function: Understanding
Gland: Pituitary
Color: Violet
Planet: Uranus
Gemstones (a partial listing): Amethyst and white river jasper
Metal: Gold
Hindu Deities: Shiva, Ama-Kala, Varuna
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