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Himalayan Singing Bowls

The Himalayan Region has a long and rich tradition of sound healing using singing bowls. We carry an extensive collection of both new (contemporary) and rare antique bowls. We carry bowls corresponding to each of the seven major chakras, in a variety of sizes. Our bowls are exclusively sourced from Kathmandu, Nepal, by hand.

Healing Through Sound
We had the honor of being trained in traditional sound healing by world renowned Grand Master Shree Krishna Shahi, a third generation sound healer, in Kathmandu. Master Shree shared his love and deep respect for Himalayan singing bowls with us. We are blessed to be able to pass on this healing tradition to our Indigo community.

The Pursuit of Excellence
In the pursuit of the best quality bowls, we personally traveled directly to the factory in Nepal to observe the age-old process of making ‘hand-made’ singing bowls. To witness the skill and dedication of the artisans and craftspeople, seeing the red hot ingots removed from the furnace, hearing the rhythmic sound of the hammers was nothing short of breathtaking.

Curated Collection
Typically, we travel to Nepal annually to handpick the bowls we sell directly. This year, we've worked closely with our partner curator, Jaki, a sound healer and historian from the Newari tradition, to select the best collection of bowls to offer through our shop. If there is something specific we can help you source, please reach out directly. 

7 Metals
We only sell '7-metal’ bowls. Our bowls are made from the finest metals. Our contemporary seven metal bowls are made from gold, silver, iron, lead, mercury, tin, and brass in the traditional manner. Each of the 7 metals corresponds to a planet.

'Hand-Made' vs. 'Hand-Hammered'
Authentic 'hand-made' bowls are very different from 'hand-hammered' bowls. Our 'hand-made' bowls are made by the process of heating the metal and hammering it into flat sheets, which are then hammered into bowls. Unlike inferior bowls, when you play a truly 'hand-made' bowl, placed on the palm, a vibration is experienced on your hand and elsewhere in your body. When you stop, the sound and vibration continues for a sustained period. A truly soothing experience to savor and linger with as you meditate on its richness. We exclusively recommend authentic 'hand-made' bowls. 

Quality and Satisfaction
We play each bowl ourselves, personally matching each bowl with a playing stick to ensure your playing pleasure. Most importantly, the bowl you hear on our website is the same bowl you will receive. We want to make sure you enjoy your singing bowl, offering a complimentary virtual 'Singing Bowl Fundamentals' session with each bowl purchase. 

Our Promise To You
When you purchase a ‘hand-made’ bowl from The Indigo Sanctuary, you're receiving a true contemporary treasure made with a deep respect of the ancient traditional techniques. When you play one, you join a long tradition of spiritual healers.