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Indigo Partners
We work hand in hand with partner curators to source and procure the finest quality artisan products, both antique and contemporary, at fair prices. In addition to sharing local culture and its rich traditions with us, our partners also advise with regional nuances of specific religious beliefs and practices, such as those of Newari Hinduism and Buddhism.

Meet Our Partners

Jaki curates many of our singing bowls, tingshas and small gongs collections. A trained Nepali Singing Bowl Healer, Jaki was our first singing bowl teacher in Nepal. He continues to teach us about the rich variety of Nepali singing bowls and Newari culture.  

Tulsi curates select bells, incense burners, shamanic instruments, and artisan wood products. A talented wood carver in his own right, following a long tradition in his family. Tulsi Bhakta, Tulsi’s father, assists in designing traditionally inspired wood carvings as pendants for our malas. He continues to teach us about the incredible handcrafts of Nepal and the Newari culture.